Junior Plus detachable

Ref : MX021.V

The Junior Plus is light and easy to use, with a maximum capacity of 6.5 gallons.

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  1. Safety switch
  2. Double insulation
  3. Variable speed control
  4. Stainless tube
  5. Stainless-steel bell
  6. Titanium-plated blade easy to dismantled
  7. Detachable tube
  8. All stainless-steel detachable mixer tool

Junior plus 02

Croquis_junior-plusPower : 200 Watts
Total length : 20"
Diameter : 4"
Mixer tool length : 9"

Weight : 4,2lbs
R.P.M. : 9.000 R.P.M.
Voltage : 115V or 230V

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MD 95 - 02
Not only great cream soups can directly be mixed into bowl but also :

  • Fish soups, bread soups, spinach, chopped salads and sprouts, pancake mixtures, sauces, mayonnaises,etc...

MD 95 - 03Finely smashed vegetable purees, raw carrot purees, and fruit creams partcularly for nurseries or special diets...

Put the tube with the blade protector in clear water and start the machine for 3 seconds or more to clean the inside of the blade protector. DISCONNECT THE JUNIOR PLUS IMMEDIATLY.
Mixer tool : to clean the exterior part of the mixer tool, rinse it under running water in an upright position. Avoid splashing water from going on mechanical parts.